AutoPets Litter-Robot™ III Open Air

The concept of the Litter-Robot™ started in 1999 when AutoPets founder, Brad Baxter, was asked to look after two cats. 20 years and a couple of iterations on, the Litter-Robot™ is now the most reliable, highest-rated automatic cat litter box on the market, and AutoPets has become an international leader in the pet care space. AutoPets, with a team of over 65+ employees, is headquartered in Auburn Hills, Michigan, where the focus is on new product development, marketing, and excellent customer service. The manufacturing and assembly base is in Juneau, Wisconsin.

The Litter Robot™ III Open Air is the third version, with 2 decades of refinement making it the best version yet. Designed as a good fit for felines and yet easy use and clean for owners, upsized for the larger cats, the Open Air encourages bottom in, head out orientation to ensure cats are catered for regardless of size. The Litter-Robot™ III Open Air comes in two models Standard, bisque in colour, and Connect a wifi enabled version, which is available in either the discreet off-white bisque or as more of a statement in gunmetal grey. The American designed and assembled Litter-Robot™ is constructed from durable materials with a view to longevity, parts are available and designed for customer-based repair, reducing unnecessary waste and encouraging reduced carbon footprint and better economy in original appliance and ongoing consumables. The Litter-Robot™ is a solid investment that minimises ongoing costs, providing additional benefits in reduced litter use, customer-oriented flexibility on litter and liner choices. The Litter-Robot™ utilises most clay clumping litters as well as some non-clay clumping litters. Urban Pet Products is the exclusive Australian and New Zealand distributor of AutoPets Litter-Robot™ and provides an 18 month warranty and after sales service and support.