Contempocat Designer Cat Towers

Contempocat wooden cat towers are designed and manufactured in America. The Contempocat Elevation towers and Contoure cat tree are designed on the premise that cat furniture and products need to be functional but also need to have an aesthetic quality as well, to integrate in contemporary lifestyles. Contempocat strive to achieve both of these qualities in their products. The clean and elegant modern designs take Contempocat products out of the average and into the contemporary edge range; minimalist industrial softened by the warmth of wood and natural tones to create utilitarian yet striking balance with urban chic.

Contempocat Towers are a practical and delightful integration of feline fun and shared living spaces. Not a ‘tree’ or ‘catty’ but sculptural and attractive whilst fitting the function extremely well for cat use. Serious cat towers for lasting and attractive long-term use. The natural light wood finish provides an easy match to home décor, with eye catching sculptural appeal creating a functional and attractive feature. All Contempocat towers are constructed from high quality ply with natural light wood finishing. Commercial grade, router inset carpet on upper surfaces for good grip and durability. Hand finished for smooth easy to handle surfaces and good fit.