Petwant Automatic Feeders and Fountains

Established in 2003, as one of the earliest manufacturers of automatic pet feeders Petwant enjoys international renown in more than 80 countries for a diverse range of award-winning quality products. Well experienced with strict quality control systems in place, with all products having to pass incoming, production, package and outgoing inspections. The Petwant F3-Camera is an automatic dry petfood feeder in a unique pillbox shape, with no hard edges. Round inner and hopper with an internal paddle means no jams. The flat screw on lid provides great anti-cat food storage, and the removable stainless-steel tray and inner sleeve makes it easy to clean. Hi definition camera provides day and night vision, with audio including recording. This is very good quality at a budget price, for reliable dry feeding up to 6 portions daily. USB style backup port if needed.

The Petwant W1 filtered water fountain is robustly constructed with replaceable filters and two different fountain heads to cater for different pets. The shallow top tray keeps the water clean and minimises the ability for the pet to paddle or spill the water. There is a USB style connection for back up power to be plugged in, if desired.