Urban Pet Products Cat Litter

Urban Pet Products sells cat clumping litter under its retail label and online store, Cat Evolution. Cat Evolution clumping litters are uniform particles with sufficient weight and suitable size to work in the Litter-Robot™ sieving process. Cat Evolution clumping litters are sourced from China, packaged and branded, and provided as smaller easy to handle packs shipped in cardboard boxes for convenient stacking. All litters are low dust and contain activated carbon for odour assistance and are effective even in open manual cat trays.

The Premium and Superior clay clumping litters are ball shaped, low dust and fast clumping with different percentages of activated carbon to reduce odour. The Premium litter comes in an 18kg package comprising of two 9 kg bags, while the Superior comes in a 16kg box containing four 4kg bags for easy handling. The tofu litter is a low tracking, cracked fast clumping (for Tofu) cat litter with activated carbon and is packaged in a 24 litre box containing four 6L bags.